Photo of the Week: Must-Watch TV Show?

I have to say, I genuinely enjoyed the first (and only) season of the Fox show, Ghosted.  The concept was really cool: a sit-com style show with supernatural/sci-fi elements.  The casting was good and the concept was unique, unfortunately, the writing left something to be desired.  There were some story lines that felt as though they were not resolved, but hastily balled up and shoved in a drawer, leaving the reader asking questions.  These unresolved questions didn’t feel like cliffhangers, but as though the conclusion was scribbled out at the last minute.

All-in-all, I can’t say I’m surprised the show was canceled.  I’m disappointed, as I certainly would have watched a second season, if for nothing else to see if they resolved some of my unanswered questions.  Perhaps it will be picked up again by a different team of writers, only time will tell.

Have you seen Ghosted?  What did you think?  Would you recommend it?  I am being to hard on the writing team?  Give it a watch and let me know what you think!  Season 1 is streaming on Hulu.

Photo of the Week: Cute Elephants and City Views

Please enjoy the first of many photos from my recent travels in Europe.  The photo above was taken in Malmö, Sweden last month.  I can’t wait to share with you a post about our adventures in Malmö trying to find ice cream; hopefully I will share that within the week.  Follow me here to see it first!

Photo of the Week: Happy Birthday, Stephanie Kwolek!

Today, July 31st would have been inventor Stephanie Kwolek’s 95th birthday.  Kwolek was a chemist at DuPont, where she invented Kevlar, the first synthetic material of exceptional strength, which is used in bullet-proof vests.  She has won multiple awards and is featured in the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.

Photo of the Week: Must-Watch TV Show

In case you missed it, Neil Patrick Harris’ most recent project is starring in the TV series adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. For those of you who grew up on these books and were dissatisfied by the 2004 movie starring Jim Carrey (which, let’s be honest, is all of us) you will find the TV adaptation to be more satisfying.  While the movie crammed three books into 107 minutes and was aimed at somewhat younger children, the TV series gives each book its own two episodes, and maintains more of the books’ dark humor.  There are some moments that may be scary or simply over the heads of young kids, so I would recommend this show for middle school age youngsters and the 20-somethings who grew up on the book series.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend the TV show to anyone who loves the books and appreciates a good live-action adaptation.  Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.

Photo of the Week: Feminism is Freedom

Female doctors can be feminists and female homemakers can be feminists.  Women are (huge shocker here…) not all the same!  Different women are fulfilled and empowered by different things.  Some women prioritize their children and home life.  She’s a feminist!  Some women prioritize their career and personal goals.  She’s a feminist!  What’s not feminist is judging other women for the way the live their lives and feel the most fulfilled, satisfied, and empowered.  Keep on supporting one another and what we can achieve is endless!

Photo of the Week: Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate the United States’ 242nd birthday!  As we celebrate with burgers and fireworks (Red meat and explosions?  How American!) I reflect on the foundations this country was built on: personal liberties and justice for everyone here.  I hope that as a nation we can find a way to agree on what this means for us in 2018.  Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

Photo of the Week: A “Real” Woman

I love seeing women supporting other women.  It’s so inspiring.  I hate seeing anyone tell women what makes or doesn’t make a “real” woman.  A “real” woman is a person who identifies themselves as a female.  Period.  End of story.

Photo of the Week: Must-Watch TV Show

Everyone knows Netflix makes excellent original series.  Orange is the New Black, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Fuller House, etc have all become part of 2010s pop culture.  One Netflix original you might not have seen but you totally should is Everything Sucks!  If you liked the 90s and were once a teenager, you’ll love this cute dramady set in Boring, Oregon in the late 1990s.  It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you nostalgic for the 90s with relatable outsiders with angsty teenage problems.  Check out Everything Sucks! season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.